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  • 17" CHERRY RED SEA CORAL LOOSE BEADS GEMSTONE 4x10MMCorals are the product of tiny living beings which settled in enormous colonies in the depths of warm seas long before our time. The polyps, surrounded by a fleshy skin, excrete a carbonic substance from which the corals grow like trees and branches. These can attain a height of sixteen inches (40 cm), though the actual branches seldom exceed one and a half inches (4 cm). At the forks, they are somewhat thicker. It is from these parts that the precious raw material for jewellery items, large coral beads or carvings is obtained. it really is a miraculous thing that Nature has created the scarlet coral. Corals are a decorative material with a very special fascination - the perfect embodiment of Man's longing for summer, sun and far-off oceans. As to the origin of the name, the etymologists are not, however, of one opinion. Some say that it comes from the Greek 'korallion', which denotes the hard, calcareous skeleton of the coral animals, or from 'kura-halos', for 'mermaid'. Coral has been used for decorative purposes and esteemed as a protective stone since time immemorial. Even today, red corals are still worn as a talisman to protect the wearer against evil spirits in many cultures. Modern gemstone therapists too highly esteem its positive effects. Coral, it is said, relieves tension and fear and promotes positive forms of social life. The color is as shown in picture mostly, as no exactly same cabochons created by nature. beads size is 4x10mm,17"long,125 carats.
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